Youth at Bethel

The first Jugendverein (young Peoples' League) was formed after Pastor Klemme's arrival in September 1895. Sunday evening devotional meetings were conducted in the German language during the earlier years of the organization's work. During the 1930's a number of religious dramas were presented, "The Lost Church" being one of them.

Christmas caroling was first introduced by the Young Peoples' Group in 1927 with six members.

After occasional periods of inactivity, the Junior Youth Fellowship was reorganized in 1968, shortly after Pastor Wobus arrived, and met on the first Sunday afternoon of each month.

The church also had a Senior Youth Fellowship which met on the first Sunday evening each month. Its members have repainted portions of the new church building in recent years.

The Youth Fellowships are designed primarily to help provide church-related activities for its young people - hayrides, bike hikes, swimming and skating parties and parent-youth ballgames.


Today we currently have three youth groups; Cherubs (Grades K-2), Circle of Friends (Grades 3-6) and the Dew group (Grades 7-12). All three youth groups are currently very active. They meet every Sunday evening for fellowship or activity for the youth.
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